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Changes in the soft tissues in your face can mean less prominent cheekbones, more wrinkles, and more pronounced circles under your eyes. At Bombshell Aesthetics in Hayward, California, Jade Jackson and her team provide dermal filler injections to replace some of the lost volume and make you look your best. To learn more about fillers and find out how they fit into your aesthetic treatment plan, call Bombshell Aesthetics or book an appointment online today.

Dermal Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable gels that add temporary volume to your skin. The team at Bombshell Aesthetics injects controlled amounts of dermal fillers into targeted areas of your face to make you look bolder, more youthful, more proportionate, or more symmetrical.

One of the most substantial effects of aging on your appearance is the loss of skin volume. Your skin produces less hyaluronic acid, a substance that keeps it moisturized and binds it to your tissues. You also lose collagen, a type of fiber in your skin that keeps it firm and strong. Factors like smoking and sun exposure can make these processes happen faster, leaving you looking aged and hollow at an early age. 

Dermal fillers include a primary ingredient that’s designed to hold moisture. Often, that ingredient is hyaluronic acid. Your body safely absorbs the fillers over time and their effects diminish gradually. 

What can dermal fillers treat?

Dermal fillers can treat many of the specific features that appear when your skin loses volume and the fat under the skin diminishes, leaving hollow areas. They can also treat features that aren’t linked specifically to aging but that naturally don’t have much volume. You can talk to the team at Bombshell Aesthetics about targeting these features with filler injections:

  • Low cheekbones
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Undereye circles
  • Lip lines
  • Thin lips
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Indented scars
  • Bony-looking hands

Since fillers are made of soft materials, they tend to mimic your soft tissues well. With meticulously placed filler injections, your results look just like the natural features of your face. 

How long do the results from dermal fillers last?

The length of time your filler results last depends on which type of fillers your provider uses in your treatment. They can give you a more accurate idea of how long your fillers will last, but generally, fillers stay in place for 6-18 months before your body fully absorbs them. 

If you feel that dermal fillers make you look more awake, more approachable, or more youthful, you can speak with your provider about making them a regular part of your beauty regimen. Once your results start to fade, you can come back to Bombshell Aesthetics for a maintenance treatment.

If you’d like to treat yourself to a more youthful appearance with dermal fillers, call the office or click on the contact page for a consultation at Bombshell Aesthetics today.