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Chemical Peels

What Are Chemical Peels?

A chemical face peel uses special chemical solutions to remove damaged skin. Peels are available in light, medium, and deep options. Light peels exfoliate the skin. Medium and deep peels are recommended for wrinkles, age spots, and other issues that originate in the middle and deep layers of skin. We use Reve Peels which are medical grade peels, and can only be administered by a medical professional.

Am I a Candidate for Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are safe for most skin types and textures. Some peels, like deep chemical peels, may disrupt the pigmentation of the skin. Pregnant women should not have chemical peels. If you have sensitive skin, we may recommend another treatment.

How Are Chemical Peels Performed?

For your chemical peel, we cleanse the skin and apply a solution. The solution stays on your skin for a period of time before we apply a neutralizing solution that stops the chemical process. If you are having a chemical peel to help reduce acne scars, we may apply the solution to an isolated area of your face or the entire face.

What is Recovery Like After Chemical Peels?

Light chemical peels do not require downtime and most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities without restriction immediately following treatment. Medium and deep peels, however, do require downtime. We explain aftercare and what to expect during recovery when you come in for a consultation.



Chemical Peels